From the recording Modern Hymns

Stephen Friesen - baritone soloist
Sharon Kilistoff - soprano vocal
Karen Wiseman - alto vocal
Aaron Anderson - drums
Henry Piovesan - keys
Chris Harwood-Jones - bass, guitars, tenor vocal


O what their glory and their joy must be,
Those endless sabbaths that the blessed see:
Crowns for the brave, and to the weary rest;
God shall be all and in all ever blest.

Jerusalem, that true and blessed shore
The heart of peace, where joy is evermore;
Wish and fulfilment severed can be ne'er,
Nor what is prayed for come short of the prayer.

What are the court, the monarch and the throne?
What is the joy, what is the peace they own?
O that the blest, who in that glory share
Could come to us that glory to declare.

But until then, with hearts raised up on high
We for that country yearn and seek and sigh
Seeking Jerusalem, our native land
From Babylon, where we in exile stand.

Before the throne with praises we now fall
May the Almighty God be all in all.
Praise to the Father, praise be to the Son
Praise to the Spirit, with them ever one.

Tune: Abelard (10 10 10 10)